Kythnos Island Holidays

Holidays in Kythnos island. Why to choose Kythnos Island for your Holiday

When I chose Kythnos Island for my holiday for the first time, I remember that the important factor was the short distance and ease of access. In those years there were no fast ferries in the Aegean Sea and Kythnos Island with 3 – 3.30 hours distance from the Port of Piraeus was the closest island of the Cyclades. It was an island suitable for weekend jaunts. You could arrive around 10-11 a.m. on Saturday and you could leave on Sunday around 6 p.m. Since then things have not changed much.

Kythnos Holidays

Although some of the Islands of the Cyclades came closer with the arrival of the super fast ferries, Kythnos Island still remains my favourite destination when I feel the need to get away from the city and breathe the fresh Aegean air.

One of the things that touches me the most when I choose Kythnos Island for my holiday is that year by year the changes that are made occur in a very gentle way compared to the other more touristic islands of the Cyclades. So the various places remain totally familiar, especially the beautiful beaches of Kythnos Island which have not succumbed to the umbrella, sun lounger or beach bars with huge speakers on the beach.

A very important reason why one should choose Kythnos Island for their holiday is the reasonable prices you can find on the island, the accommodation, the food, the services and products. Travel tickets also are cheaper for Kythnos Island and this definitely makes your holiday more enjoyable. Your holiday on Kythnos Island will reward you whether your stay is long or short.