Kythnos Island Accommodation

Information on finding the Best Accommodation suitable for your Needs on Kythnos Island

There are plenty of choices for accommodation for your stay on Kythnos Island. The main parts of the island where one can find accommodation are Merihas, the Port of Kythnos Island, Loutra where the hot springs are located and the village of Kanala. But there are also rooms to let in almost all the villages of the island even the most remote one of Agios Dimitrios (Saint Demetrius).

Kythnos Island hotels Rooms Accommodation

There are no 5 star luxurious hotels of course. For those who want ultimate opulence, they can approach Kythnos Island with their luxury yacht. On Kythnos Island there are many rooms to let, apartments and bed and breakfast accommodation for anyone who wants to feel the traditional hospitality of the Cyclades. There are a few hotels for those who prefer organized hotel services.