Kythnos Island Beaches

A complete guide for the Beaches of Kythnos Island

Although Kythnos Island is not one of the most popular destinations in the Cyclades (unfairly so in my opinion), it is a fairly large island with many bays and small coves which form excellent beaches. The beaches in Kythnos are wonderful and can satisfy any kind of preference as there are beaches with golden sand but also beaches with fine or coarse pebbles while there are many areas with rocks you can swim in beautiful waters.

Kythnos Island Beaches

The difference from the other beaches in the Cyclades is that on Kythnos Island there are not any organized beaches with umbrellas and sun lounges, so you can feel more close to Nature, if you are looking for relative seclusion it is very easy to find on Kythnos. The large welcoming Tamarisk trees will offer you shade at most of the beaches of Kythnos. On several beaches of course, there are small shops for the essentials. The diversity of the beaches of Kythnos Island is due to the difficulty of access, several of them can be approached either through unpaved roads or from the sea.

Stunning Crystal Water Beaches of Kythnos Island One by One

Apokrousi Beach - Kythnos Island Beaches

Apokrousi beach is considered the best beach of Kythnos Island for many people, although Kythnos has so many beautiful beaches. The beach is in a closed bay surrounded by low hills, with easy access up till the more

Martinakia Beach - Kythnos Island Beaches

Martinakia is a small beach with some Tamarisk trees right next to Merihas village within a 5 minute walk distance. From Martinakia beach one can see a small view of Merihas Village and the Port of Kythnos Island. You can watch ships more

Kolona Beach - Kythnos Island Beaches

Kolona beach or the beaches in Kolona or to be more precise the landscapes in the area of Kolona are one of the most well known of Kythnos Island and not unjustly. It is one of the most beautiful of the Aegean Sea, both sides of the beach are more

Fykiada Beach - Kythnos Island Beaches

Fykiada beach is another one of the wonderful beaches of Kythnos Island. You will find it next to the dirt road that leads from Apokrousi beach to Kolona beach. Fykiada is one of the many pleasant surprises reserved on Kythnos more

Episkopi Beach - Kythnos Island Beaches

Episkopi is a charming bay with many Tamarisk trees which you can find on your way from Merihas to Chora just a short distance as you leave Merihas. Episkopi beach is one of the busiest beaches of Kythnos Island and more

Megali Ammos Kanalas Beach - Kythnos Island Beaches

Exactly what the name says, Megali Ammos beach is a large sandy beach in the village of Kanala where is located the famous Church of Panagia Kanala (Church of the Virgin Mary). It is a beautiful beach, you can swim also between the more

Antonides Beach - Kythnos Island Beaches

Antonides beach in the area of Panagia Kanala is not so well known. But it is a beautiful beach on Kythnos Island which deserves a visit. At least worth it for those people who like to explore. The Church of Panagia more

Lefkes Beach - Kythnos Island Beaches

Lefkes beach is very close to Dryopida village and is a wonderful beach with sand and pebbles. in the village there are traces of the mining past of Kythnos Island. On Lefkes beach there are some Tamarisk trees as on most beaches of more

Gialos Meriha Beach - Kythnos Island Beaches

It is not uncommon for the Islands of the Cyclades to have beautiful beaches right next to their Ports. As as in Kythnos you come across the same phenomenon. Usually these beaches nearby to the town-port are also called more

Loutra Beach - Kythnos Island Beaches

Loutra on Kythnos Island except that it is the most popular coastal village, due to the hot springs that are there, is also a very nice wide beach. Loutra also has moorings for boats. If you add to this the fact that one of the hot springs is running totally more

Agia Irini Beach - Kythnos Island Beaches

In the beautiful bay of Agia Irini on Kythnos Island where the Church of Agia Irini (Church of Saint Irene) is located, there is also the village by the same name; here is also a great sandy beach, from the most leeward on Kythnos more

Schinari Beach - Kythnos Island Beaches

Schinari is a small village very close to Loutra village on Kythnos Island. This village has a homonymous small beach. The beach is sandy and suitable for families. There are Tamarisks trees almost in the sea, while around the small more

Agios Dimitrios Beach - Kythnos Island Beaches

Agios (Saint) Dimitrios beach is located in the village of the same name. It is the most southern on Kythnos Island and is the most distant from Chora and the Port of Merihas. As the beaches on Kythnos Island are mostly pretty much the more

Aliki Beach - Kythnos Island Beaches

Aliki beach is a beautiful beach in a wild landscape in the south of Kythnos Island. On the beach there are no trees or anything else. It is only you, the blue of the Aegean Sea, the blue sky and the bare landscape with dry more

Kouri and Zogaki Twin Beaches - Kythnos Island Beaches

Kouri and Zogaki beaches are two beaches next to each other in an extraordinary landscape on Kythnos Island with capes and islets that are reminiscent of the fjords. After Kouri beach there are Naoussa and Agios Stefanos more