Sightseeing on Kythnos Island

Kythnos Sightseiing - Famous Sites and Landmarks of Kythnos Island

Kythnos is a large enough island and for the traveller who is in the mood to explore it all, it offers several possibilities. A number of interesting sights await you all over Kythnos Island. Churches, Monasteries, Museums, Archeological and Historical sites as well as natural landscapes. Kythnos Island has a large network of paths, while there is slight difficulty of access in some places as the road network is not fully organized or paved.

Kythnos  Island Sightseiing

Among the sightseeing of Kythnos Island, there are strong traces of mining activity of the recent past, which has left some outstanding examples of industrial archaeology, waiting for maintenance and enhancement.

Church of Panagia Kanala - Kythnos Island Sightseeing

The Church of Panagia Kanala (Church of the Virgin Mary) which has given its name to the coastal village of Kythnos Island, situated in the southeastern part of the island and is one of the most important places of pilgrimage in the more

Kythnos Island Spitares (Big Houses) - Kythnos Island Sightseeing

On Kythnos Island there are strong traces of the exploitation of mineral wealth that lasted on the island for 70 years. As on several other islands of the Cyclades, mining activity stopped when global correlations more

Kythnos Island Windmills - Kythnos Island Sightseeing

Just outside Dryopida village up on a hill are some ruined traditional windmills of Kythnos Island. Unfortunately there has been no attempt at promoting them. But as it is, they are still impressive for visitors. We must not forget that the more

Kythnos Island Katafyki Cave - Kythnos Island Sightseeing

On the edge of the traditional village of Dryopida on Kythnos Island, there is one of the largest caves of Greece, the Katafyki Cave. Efforts have been made to make it accessible to tourist for years, but still it is not fully accessible for more

Kythnos Island Hot Springs - Kythnos Island Sightseeing

Greece has many hot springs but not in the Cyclades. The hot springs of Kythnos Island are unique. Due to the existence of these springs the name «Thermia» was given to Kythnos Island and was known as such to locals and foreigners for more

Kythnos Island White Sand Lilies - Kythnos Island Sightseeing

I have come across the White Sand Lilies, almost everywhere on my travels in Greece. I have seen them on several of the beaches on Kythnos Island and was pleased because this shows that people respect them. The White Sand Lilies have an more