Kythnos Island Hot Springs

The healing hot springs of Kythnos Island

Greece has many hot springs but not in the Cyclades. The hot springs of Kythnos Island are unique. Due to the existence of these springs the name «Thermia» was given to Kythnos Island and was known as such to locals and foreigners for hundreds of years.

Kythnos Island Hot Springs

The hot springs of Kythnos Island are located at the coastal village of Loutra (Baths), which practically owe their development to the existence of the springs. There is one hot spring, the hot spring of Agioi Anargyroi, it is supposed to have been utilised as a hydro infirmary and was founded in the years of King Otto. The second hot spring of Kythnos Island flows freely towards the Sea and the visitor can enjoy it completely free for as long as he wants in front of Loutra Beach.

The hot springs for several years was the only reason that foreign visitors came to Kythnos. Today the organized infirmary has declined substantially and awaits development, but what remains important for the visitor of Kythnos Island is this free second hot spring called Kakavos. The spring with really valuable water, characterized by experts as a Sole spring, it is an overheated iron chloride alkaline earthed spring which reaches a temperature of up to 52 degrees Celsius.

Sole springs of this type are generally believed to do good in rickets, diseases of the blood, spinal disorders, rheumatic pains, arthritis, neuroses, bulges of the spleen and liver, disorders of blood circulation and additional skin ailments. The feeling when you are in the sea where the spring brook concludes is unique. If you find yourself on Kythnos Island do not waste this opportunity. Think that other people have been travelling for years to Kythnos Island only for this experience.