Kythnos Island Windmills

Traditional Windmills on Kythnos Island

Just outside Dryopida village up on a hill are some ruined traditional windmills of Kythnos Island. Unfortunately there has been no attempt at promoting them. But as it is, they are still impressive for visitors. We must not forget that the windmills are an attraction for the visitors of all the Aegean Islands.

Kythnos Island Windmills

On Mykonos Island for example the windmills are one of the main tourist features. On Patmos Island the windmills in Chora have been fully restored recently and have added to the beautiful landscape with their presence. The windmills for many years had an important role in the economy of the Aegean Islands. The Greek Islands supplied the crews of commercial and naval vessels with wheat and rusk before sailing the Aegean to travel to the Black Sea and across the Mediterranean.

I believe there is a direct and imperative need for full restoration of the wonderful windmills on Kythnos Island. I think they will be a gem not only on Kythnos Island, but also for the area of Dryopida. The region will be upgraded aesthetically and along with the Cave Katafyki it will two of the most important sights of Kythnos Island.