Dryopida Village

Information about visiting the Capital City, the Towns and Villages of Kythnos Island

Dryopida of Kythnos Island is a large traditional village that has taken the ancient name of Kythnos by the first settlers the Dryopes. The village is also called Syllakas or simply Horio (village) and was created in the 19th century mainly by refugees from Crete.

Dryopida Village

Dryopida although is not so touristic is a neat and well taken care of village that shows the love of its inhabitants for their place. The architecture of Dryopida is not typical Cycladic. The village is built between two hills, protected from the winds of the Aegean Sea, so most houses have tiled roofs. Of course this has come from the fact that the village has a tradition in the art of ceramics. This is reminiscent of Ioulida village on the nearby Kea Island.

Dryopida village could easily be developed for tourists. It has a small Church Museum, a Museum of Folk Arts and Katafyki cave. While just outside the village there are some ruins of traditional windmills. In Dryopida village you can obtain excellent local products of Kythnos Island.