Kythnos Island Chora & Villages

Information about visiting the Capital City, the Towns and Villages of Kythnos Island

There are several villages on Kythnos Island. The most important are Chora of Kythnos, which is the Capital town and Dryopida village, which are both situated inland of the island, Merihas village which is the Port of Kythnos Island, Loutra village and Kanala village, which are situated in coastal areas.

Kythnos Island Chora & Villages

However there are several smaller villages that deserve a visit. The villages of Agia Irini, Agios Stefanos and Apokrisi which belong to the municipal district of Chora and the villages of Agios Dimitrios, Episkopi, Kalo Livadi, Kanala, Lefkes, Liotrivi and Flambouria which belong to the municipal district of Dryopida.

Kythnos Island Chora (Kythnos Town)

Chora of Kythnos is the capital of Kythnos Island and situated as all the capitals of the Cyclades at the highest point of the island. Chora of Kythnos is a traditional Cycladic village where its architecture is preserved and has all the more

Dryopida Village - Kythnos Island Villages

Dryopida of Kythnos Island is a large traditional village that has taken the ancient name of Kythnos by the first settlers the Dryopes. The village is also called Syllakas or simply Horio (village) and was created in the 19th century more

Merihas Village (Kythnos Port) - Kythnos Island Villages

Merihas is the Port of Kythnos Island and essentially the centre of the island for your tour as wherever you want to go on Kythnos Island you will pass by Merihas. By the time the Port was constructed, Merihas has been greatly developed. So the old more

Loutra Village - Kythnos Island Villages

Loutra is the most known village of Kythnos Island. For many decades Loutra village was the only tourist area of the island since many visitors came here drawn by its hot springs that have been known since the ancient times. We must not forget more

Kanala Village - Kythnos Island Villages

The coastal village of Kanala on Kythnos Island took its name from the Virgin Mary whose miraculous icon is placed in the Church of the same name. The Cape where the Church is situated is beautiful and full of pine tees. At the beginning of more