Merihas Village (Kythnos Port)

Information about visiting the Capital City, the Towns and Villages of Kythnos Island

Merihas is the Port of Kythnos Island and essentially the centre of the island for your tour as wherever you want to go on Kythnos Island you will pass by Merihas. By the time the Port was constructed, Merihas has been greatly developed. So the old fishing harbor has been developed into a modern tourist village. Here are most of the rented accommodation on Kythnos Island and several stores. In Merihas you can find everything for food and entertainment.

Merihas Village

In Merihas there is a beach, and very nearby are Martinakia and Episkopi beaches. It is not uncommon for the Ports of the Cyclades to have beaches; it simply gives the opportunity to anyone who does not like to stray too far to have it all near. Of course Kythnos Island is beautiful and it would be a pity not to explore it fully.